Khmer Food Menu

Spicy Sour Soup(Tom yam) - $3.50

Soup with mixed spices red garlic, Mushroom, tomato, Digestion lime leaf, Rice includ

Vegetable: $2.00, Beef, chicken, Pork, fish: $2.50

Lok lak - $3.50

Fried with mixed spices Meat, garlic, french fries, Egg, oyster, pepper sauce, vegetable salad, Rice include

Beef, chicken, pork, fish: $3.00

Khmer Spicy sour Lemongrass - $3.50

Soup with mixed spices morning glory, Coconut cream, lime leaf, tamarind, Rice include

Vegetable: $2.00, Beef chicken, pork, fish: $2.50

Fried rice noodle - $2.50

Fried with mixed spices rice noodle, garlic chive, Bean sprout, egg, Vinegar

Vegetable: $1.50, Beef, chicken, pork: $ 2.00

Special curry - $3.50

Soup with mixed spices coconut cream, potato, Carrot, eggplant pumpkin french bean, peanut, onion, Rice includ

vegetable: $2.50, beef, chicken, pork, fish: $3.00

Fried rice coconut - $3.50

fried with mixed spices coconut, garlic, egg, cucumber

Coconut: $2.00, Beef, chicken, pork :$2.50

Noodle Soup - $2.50

Soup with mixed spices, Rice noodle, garlic, cabbage, morning glory, carrot, Bean sprout digestion, leek leaf

Vegetable: $1.00, Beef, chicken, pork, fish: $1,50

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